Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

One of the most demanding tasks one can do in their life is that of being a parent or just being in a position where you have to take care of an infant. There are a lot of expectations, the rules change all the time since these little ones have no idea what they want or how to communicate without just wailing. As frustrating and draining as it is it also can be made easier and more enjoyable. If you are tired of always having your child in your hands for them to feel comfortable and stop crying, what you need is the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker to do the job for you, leaving the child comfortable and less tired.

The rocker is a sleek infant seat with a low-profile frame perfect for newborns. It is a stationary seat with a secure fold-out kickstand allowing you to be able to position it any place you want that is safe for the baby securely without worries of it sliding or moving. It features an adjustable seat recline which helps the baby feel comfortable, safe, and secure by adjusting it into a more relaxing position.

The baby seat can be used for babies from when they are infants to toddlers up to a maximum of 40 lbs. or 18 kilograms. This makes this rocker a good investment to make since you can use it for a reasonable period and not just for the infant stages. There is an addition of a removable toy bar with 2 bat-at toys. No need for extra toys for your infant when you are using the rocker as you can just add the bat-at toys overhead for entertainment. The toy bar makes the rocker playful, fun, and more relaxing to the baby. The colorful toys also help stimulate the baby’s senses and make them more joyful.

No need to be worried about your baby being unsafe in this rocker as it comes with a secure three-point restraint or harness secure enough to keep even the most restless bundle of joy in it. This harness includes a buckle that comes up between the legs to keep the baby from sliding out, it is covered in soft material for comfort. Another amazing feature of the Fisher-Price Instant-to-Toddler Rocker is the switch on calming vibrations to provide soothing comfort to your baby and also induce good sleep making it perfect for your baby’s nap times. The 2- position recline also helps you use it both for nap times and when you are feeding the baby, making the rocker quite versatile since it can be used for playing, feeding as well as resting.

The deep cradle seat is made out of a soft and colorful fabric with geo-diamonds printed on it. The seat pad can be easily removed for cleaning, it is also easy to maintain as it is machine washable and dryer-safe. It is also portable and light, making it easy to carry around. The sleek and modern design makes it suitable to be placed anywhere in your home without affecting the aesthetic. As your child grows, you can easily remove the toy bar and convert it into a toddler rocker. The rocker is very easy to assemble and maneuver, making using it quite easy. The seat should be used only with babies unable to sit unassisted or unable to grasp the side of the seat to pull upwards. It works with batteries to power the vibrations but these are not included in the package and should be bought separately.

The good points

  1. Suitable for use on both infants and toddlers so it will allow you to use it for a longer time
  2. Its versatility allows it to be used for feeding, playing and as a resting place for the baby
  3. The rocker is safe and secure for the baby because of the 3-point harness
  4. Includes a removable toy bar
  5. The seat pad is easy to wash
  6. It can fold for storage

The bad points

  1. Can not be used for toddlers weighing more than 40 lbs.
  2. Does not come with batteries

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a rocker that your baby can comfortably grow in, making your parenting life easier due to its versatility this rocker will be a great choice. Including features that make your baby more relaxed and comfortable during playtime, nap-time, and even when you are feeding them. Easy to set up as well as maintain as the seating pad is machine washable and dryer-friendly. The value for money ratio is very reasonable as it is durable and you will be able to put a lot of use on the rocker from when your baby is an infant until they are a toddler.

What are other buyers saying about it?

Amazon ID: Mary Beth Pipes

Love love love this chair! We bought it as an upgrade from the snugabunny bouncy seat that my seat quickly reached the weight limit. He threw up a lot and liked to nap during the day head elevated in his bouncer. I wish l had bought this one from the start! I like the kickstand. It reclines him back perfectly and it is very easy to engage or release. The chair is nice and light so it is easy to move around the room and the baby loves it! Reclined, it positions him just right!

The only way this chair could get better would be if they added some of the self-rocking stoppers like they have on the rock and play auto-sleepers. That would put this chair over the top for me.

Amazon ID: AkrBn

I bought this for my nephew when he was fresh out of the womb. He’d lay in it, and didn’t really use the vibration feature much – he just laid there and played with the mobile toys. After a while, he was too big for it, because he became too active and wasn’t content in it. We put it up. A relative thought I might as well get rid of it, since it’s of no more use. I told them he could use it as a toddler chair when he gets older. Well, well, about 15 months he slowly began using it again to ‘read’ (look at his toddler books) and watch movies on the tablet. Now at 18 months he’s in it every day. He sits in it, and lounges in it like he’s worked a full 8 hours at a job somewhere, and watches his movies. This was a good purchase, as were those $4.99 cups (the colorful stacking ones sold on here)..I bought a set of those at the same time and just bought another set, which he uses daily in the tub. Of all the money I’ve spent, those cups and this chair have provided the most long-term value from newborn to toddler.

Amazon ID: Colleen

Love this chair. I have 4 for my twins. I have 2 at my house and 2 at my mother’s house because she watches them. That’s how much they like them. The toys that hang over the chair are removable which was good because they had no interest in them at first. Now, at 3-months, they like to try to reach for the toys and get excited when they actually can. This is good for working their gross motor skills. This design is a good neutral design and can be used for either gender. I love that it can be used even as they get older. I couldn’t decide between this chair or the older version. The older version looks like it rocks better but this version has a deeper seat which is better for holding the child and better as the child gets older.


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