Graco Simple Sway Swing

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Gentle, side-to-side swaying motion soothes and comforts baby

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The evolution in baby products has come a long way, and you can easily find products that will make your life and the baby’s life easier. Amazon is selling the Graco simple sway swing, which will swing your baby to sleep at any time. The swing will not take up much space in your room as it has a small frame. The design allows the swing to fit into any apartment regardless of how big or small the apartment is. You’ll appreciate being able to have your baby near you at all times as the swing can use batteries to operate.

You do not have to worry about the swing going up and down as it only swings side to side. The soothing, side-to-side motion of this cute, tiny baby swing will help your baby relax and fall asleep. The swing goes sideways to mimic parents’ rocking and to ensure that the baby’s position does not change while it swings. Not only do you have six swing speeds to choose from to comfort your baby, but the swing can also vibrate gently to get your baby to relax.

The swing can be used in any part of the house, and you can easily clean it with soap and water. To care for the swing, follow the instructions to ensure that all the moving parts are not affected. If you choose to use batteries, take note that they will last for four hours before you need to find a power source for the swing. Depending on the size of your baby, you can purchase a stabilizing pillow to ensure that your baby is cozy while they fall asleep.

The beauty of buying the Graco sway swing is that it will not only swing your baby to sleep but also keep your baby entertained. The baby swing comes with three soft toys, which are perfect for entertaining the little ones. The toys are intended to stimulate and delight the baby’s imagination while also providing visual stimulation.

The swing has a 5-point harness that provides peace of mind while keeping your kid safe. The adjustable harness will keep your child comfortable as they grow into the swing. The seat in the swing is deep, and your baby will enjoy the comfort and the visual stimulation anytime they are in the swing.

 The good points

1.) The different swing speeds allow you to try out different speeds until you find the one that your baby likes.

2.) Your baby will be comfortable in the sway swing. The people at Graco understand how important it is to support your baby’s head while they snuggle up for a nap, and they made it a point that the headrest is not still and uncomfortable.

3.) The swing has a vibration that will help your baby fall asleep if the swinging doesn’t do the job.

4.) The power source for the swing can be batteries or plugging it into the socket. This means you can carry the swing with you and still be able to swing your baby to sleep.

5.) The Graco simple swing is easy to assemble, and it does not involve any heavy lifting as the materials used are light.

The bad points

1.) You need to manually switch off the swing once your baby has fallen asleep.

2.) Your baby may need to have neck control before they can start using the swing to avoid asphyxiation.


If you are looking for a way to soothe and comfort your baby before you transport them to the crib, this is the perfect swing to buy. The Graco swing does not only gently rock your baby to sleep, but it plays music to set the tone for your baby to fall asleep.

What are other buyers saying about it?

Amazon ID: G. Kennett

I was really impressed. Was nervous about making the final choice to buy noting the positive and negative reviews on this and all swings. Seems many people had good and bad experiences. This is a really good value; it was a little hard to assemble. The clicking noise people spoke about is barely noticeable unless you are fixated on it. The music is adorable and the fact you can plug it in vs just batteries is a huge plus for me. The dial for how fast it goes is 1-10. We use 1 for our newborn grandbaby. Oh, also at the same time I bought one of the head stabilizing pillows for babies that can go in a swing or car seat and put that in there since there isn’t one. That is what you see in the picture. I highly recommend this swing.

Amazon ID: Rebecca

Ok let me start by saying I would give my left arm to make sure I never have to go another day of raising an infant without this thing. All the reviews that are saying negative things, they are just chronic complainers because there is nothing bad to say about this. It’s so reasonably priced, it doesn’t take up too much space, colors are nice and neutral if you are one of those weirdos who has to have baby items that match your decor. But even if it weren’t any of those things, I wouldn’t even care because this is the only way I can put my baby down and take a dump without having to squeeze it out and not wipe well enough. It doesn’t make a squeaking noise, nor can I hear gears going unless I have my ear up against it even on the highest setting. I have a 13lb 7-week-old. I have been using this for one day and I can truly say it has changed my life. My baby sleeps great at night but fights every single nap and wants to sleep only in my arms. This thing was easy to put together and those who said it wasn’t probably just suck at putting things together. The instructions were crystal clear. If I have to be a complainer for other people’s sake who would like to know, the material could be softer/better quality and I would love it if I didn’t NEED batteries for the vibrating function. Only the music/swinging work with the plug. But who cares seriously, get this when your baby is BORN don’t wait 7 weeks like I did. You will not regret it.

Amazon ID: GoRun1919

I’m 8 months pregnant and assembled this in about 20 minutes. I gave the noise level a 3 as the sound is noticeable enough to hear in close proximity in swing mode. However, since we’ll be using the living room, the tv drowns out the noise enough to not be too disruptive. I really like the seat width, it’s more roomier compared to other swings I’ve seen. I can see once a baby gets out of the newborn stage better fitting in the seat. I have a newborn head cushion insert so I’m not too concerned about my baby fitting at all stages. All-in-all I am very pleased with this swing so far. I may do any updated review once my son arrives. Plus, the price I paid was excellent compared to other swings I looked at being they were in the 100+ range. I chose the lowest option for this one and ended up paying the open-box price around $58 and the box was neat and looked brand new upon arrival. I feel this is a steal for the size and plug in option of the swing. Thanks Graco!

Graco Simple Sway Swing
Graco Simple Sway Swing
$99.99 119.99


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