How to Make Your Corporate Event Environmentally Friendly

If you are an event planner, you know how important it is to be on top of the latest trends. You always want to give your guests the latest in food, design, technology and entertainment to make sure your shindig is a cutting edge affair that will have them talking for weeks to come.

One trend that is not going anywhere is that of environmental friendliness. Really more of a way of life than a trend, environmental friendliness is a money saving step that is kind to Mother Earth and all other living things.

Event Environmentally Friendly

If you are planning an event that you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, here are some steps you will want to take.


Find a Green Partner

If you are already working with a green company or supporting a green cause, it will be easy to incorporate clean practices into your event planning. But if this is not the case, you can always bring in partners to give your event a greener vibe.

Think of bringing in vendors, sponsors and caterers that are passionate about the environment to give your party the vibe you are going for.


Choose a Green Venue

There may be certain venues that use sustainable practices in their operation. If you are looking for a location like this, your city may offer valuable resources that can help you find a venue that is right for you.

To find out which venues work, you can get in touch with convention and visitor bureaus that may have sustainability information on initiatives that support your goals.

You can also check the Green Venue Report and sustainability indexes that may be available. Many venues are rated for their overall sustainability performance as well.


Keep Transportation in Mind

Of course, you always want to choose a venue that is easy for most of your guests to get to. This can also be an environmentally friendly move as cutting down on the need for guests to drive to your event will be kinder to the atmosphere.

And while not everyone will be able to walk or ride a bike to your event, it’s a good idea to find a venue with plenty of public transportation options nearby as this is also a cleaner way to travel.

If the event is within walking distance to local restaurants and other entertainment venues, that’s an added bonus.

If you do have a lot of guests that will need to drive in, setting up shuttles and carpools could be the way to go.


Find Green Accommodations

If you have a lot of guests flying in for your event, you can do your part to make sure their accommodations are as green as possible. Look for hotels that are 2 miles or less from the venue that hold 3rd party sustainability certifications like LEED, APEX/ASTM, Green Key or Green Leaders.


Cut Down on Waste

To make sure your event is as waste free as possible, do whatever you can to keep things digital. This includes sending out online invitations and making all planning and communication is digitally based.

Refrain from handing out bottles of water at your event opting instead for water pitchers and glasses.


Cut Down on Energy Use and Water Consumption at Your Event

Practice what you preach!

It would be difficult to do an environmentally friendly event without setting the best example for your guests. Therefore, you will want to use as little energy and water at your event as possible.

Booking an eco-friendly venue is a good start as those venues probably already use practices that are targeted to limit waste.

You can also do your part by keeping lighting and heating and cooling power use to a minimum during set up and tear downs. Implement a power down plan and work with your musical entertainment to make sure that any equipment used is on a power saving mode at the end of the day.


Enforce Waste Management

It would be remiss not to have separate bins for recycling and garbage at an eco-friendly event. You can capitalize on this by also having a bin for landfills and compost.

To make sure waste goes in the right bins, you can print signage to make sure they are clearly labeled for your guests.

You can also work with charity organizations to make a plan to donate waste to those who are able to use it.


Opt for Sustainable Food and Beverage Services

Food can be one of the biggest sources of waste when it comes to planning your event. To make sure you are being as green as possible, request that condiments are served in bulk.

Find out if the kitchen composts organics or recycles beef. Include as much seasonal, local or organic food offerings as possible and be sure to provide plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Going with a caterer that is environmentally friendly will also help you feel confident that you are going where the grass in greener.


Event planning is no walk in the park, but if you go with an environmentally friendly theme, you are off to a good start. Make sure you are doing all you can to cut down in waste and express a green vibe. What do you like to do to keep your events as clean as possible?

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