Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant

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Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace with Birthstone Crystals for 12 Months, Jewelry Gifts for Women, Silver-Tone, 18"+2"

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We have all experienced that brain freeze that comes moments just before deciding what gift to give a friend, a spouse, sister, mother or any special woman in your life. Figuring out what they might find as the perfect gift or at least near perfect can be such a challenge. Trying to put together a suitable gift that is both matching the personal style as well as being a thoughtful one that conveys the necessary emotion is a long shot. This is where the Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace with birthstone crystals comes in to quieten all your worries.

The Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace allows you to have a hassle-free gifting moment where you are not worried if it’s going to be acceptable or if the person is going to like it. The pendant itself is 0.75 inches by 0.88 inches making it a suitable size that is not too chunky or neither too small to not be noticeable. The dazzling Infinity love pendant features a wild-heart-shaped premium birthstone crystal. The birthstone comes in a variety of colors depending on the month of birth making it easier for you to choose between colors since they depend on months.

The feature of the wild-heart-shaped birthstone crystal makes it come across as a very thoughtful and personalized gift without even trying too hard. The birthstone is embroidered by a silver-tone and shining ribbon creating a striking complex structure that assembles into an infinity symbol. The design is not only eye-catching but conveys profound meaning and thoughtfulness as it takes us across dimensions of space and time with the thought of infinity. The heart symbol shows the triumph of love and all the good things that come with it, making this a great gift to give someone if you want to express your love to them be it a girlfriend, mother`s gift for mother’s day etc… Love is in all our relationships and this allows it to be a universal gift.

The necklace comes with an 18 inches’ chain that can be looped onto the ribbon on the pendant. The design of the ribbon ensures that after looping with the chain, the pendant remains centered in position and that there is no flipping making it easier and more comfortable to wear. The chain also has a 2 inches’ extension in addition to the 18 inches in the case that one might want it longer. The chain is specially crafted from an alloy-based metal plated with white gold silver-tone to give a sparkly, quality finish. The chain is also made from a lead-free, nickel-free alloy and does not have any allergens. The chain is finished off by a lobster clasp to keep your necklace in place.

On top of the large heart-shaped crystal, the pendant also features smaller crystals on the ribbon attached to it bringing the total number of crystals to 11. All of the crystals used by Leafael are of good quality and produced through high-end refinement. All the products used are very lightweight making them comfortable to be worn for long around the neck. The aesthetic of the necklace can match the look of some high-end jewelry considering it comes at a very affordable price. The white plating on the metal allows it to stay for a reasonable time without spoiling. There is also an option of buying a matching set since every pendant also has a matching color set for the bracelet and earrings. Just like a perfect gift the product comes packaged in an elegant white, silver-embossed jewelry gift box with plush, velvet padding on the inside and gift bag, there is no hassle of wrapping the gift again.

The good points

  1. The design makes a flexible gift for a lot of events like for a birthday, valentine’s day, mother’s day, or even just an anytime gift.
  2. Comes in a wide range of colors to choose from
  3. Easy to clean

The bad points

  1. You cannot customize the wrapping.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a suitable gift for a beloved woman in your life be it wife, mother, sister that shows an expression of your love all the while still maintaining a great style the Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace is what you need. For a reasonable price you get an exquisitely packaged gift but if you are looking for durability, a gift that could last for a long time in the same state then this might not be the best option for you.

What are other buyers saying about it?

Amazon ID:  Cindi

The company Leafael is great, the products are of great quality and they box them in exquisite boxes. I now own 3 pieces from this company and l love each one. I think this is my favorite and l always get compliments when i wear it

Amazon ID:  Katie C

My sister owns a green emerald ring from Swarovski and l wanted to find her a necklace that matched the color of her $100+ ring. I bought the green emerald heart pendant necklace from Leafael for $40 and l was stunned at the quality of both the necklace and the white box padding it came in. The padding was plush and velvet on the inside. and as for the necklace, it looked 100% identical to the quality of the emerald stone of my sisters more expensive Swarovski ring. Also, with the package came a coupon to get 10% off the next Leafael purchase- which I’m definitely going to get.

I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of this necklace. It made a fantastic birthday present for my sister but it would also be a better fitting gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or Christmas. Why go shop at Pandora, Swarovski, and other higher-end places when you can get the same quality and the same look with jewelry from Leafael? Amazing jewelry.

Amazon ID:  stacy Jenkins

It was a Valentine’s day gift and she loves it. Told me she got compliments from everybody who saw it!

Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant
Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant
$39.99 $49.99
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