What Is A Personality Number In Astrology?

Combining numerology with astrology gives you are more detailed overview of your personality and the things that are likely to happen to you on your life’s path. Even better, your personality number in astrology gives you far more detailed information than your personality number in numerology. So what’s the difference?

First up, to discover your personality number in numerology, you take the letters of your name, convert them to numbers and then reduce this number again to a single digit number. Alternatively, you can go to a numerology name calculator and simply enter in your first and last name.

This provides you with a choice of nine personality types, all with their different strengths and weaknesses. Your personality number here gives you a general overview of your character in a similar way as a horoscope rising sign. Some experts describe this as the outer self because it reflects how you present to the world.

Personality Number


Depending on your personality number you may have different strengths and weaknesses which reflect your overall character.


Personality Number 1: Describes a person who is single minded, adept and passionate. This individual loves attention and has a strong persona. Personality number 1’s are determined to showcase their character and are fully capable of achieving their goals.


Personality Number 2: Describes a peaceful and knowledgeable individual who is usually quite intelligent. This person is ultimately a truth seeker and wants to bring happiness to all people. Personality number 2’s generally look for the positive in all situations and try to rid the negative from the world.


Personality Number 3: Describes those who focus their energies on emotions and tending to others. These people are very sensitive to current events around them. They are excellent people to be around and are often sought out for their comforting presence and warmth. Personality number 3’s are always ready to help out those in need.


Personality Number 4: Describes an individual who is patient and organized. This person is dedicated to their craft and pragmatic in their methods for achieving what it is that they want. Personality number 4’s have a strong foundation and are generally productive by nature. These tend to become high achievers in their careers and spiritual lives.


Personality Number 5: Describes a person who is witty and articulate. This individual is skilled in their craft and are constantly seeking new adventures. There is never a dull moment when you are around personality number 5’s because they have so much curiosity and energy behind them.


Personality Number 6: Describes those who are grounded in nurturing others and want to see the good in other people despite what others may think of them. These people want to love and enjoy giving love to others. Personality number 6 is known as the “Mother” number.


Personality Number 7: Describes individuals who are in constant pursuit of cosmic energy and spreading knowledge. These people are enlightened beings who tend to influence others with curiosity and abundance. Personality number 7’s maintain an air of secrecy and mystery although they have many friends.


Personality Number 8: Describes those who are dedicated, strong and hardworking. When personality number 8 people set a goal they tend to overcome all setbacks to ultimately achieve their goals. These people are motivated and will stop at nothing to get where they want to go.


Personality Number 9: Describes people who are sincere and tend to tell the truth. Their boldness may attract negative attention however they often look the other way. These people, despite encountering setbacks, tend to persevere through all challenges and ultimately find meaning in positivity.


Where it gets more interesting is if you combine this with a personality number in astrology, sometimes called a life path number because this relates to your path through life and the part of your personality that refers to your innermost hopes and dreams.


Your personality number in astrology, is calculated via your birth date.


This is how you do it.

Imagine your birth date is May the 11th 2000. Turn this into a number so 11 5 2000. ( 5 11 2000 if you are in the USA). Add the numbers together so 11 + 5 + 2000 adds up to 18.


Now add 1 + 8 and you have astrology personality number of 9.


9 is an interesting number. It is the last single digit number and many people describe this as signifying an old soul. People with 9s tend to have roller coaster lives because they are not scared of renewal and change.

So if for example your numerology number based on your name is 1 and your astrology personality number is 9, the chances are that you have both these influences.


This means the world may see you as a natural leader as suggested by numerology number 1 but the influence of your astrology number 9 signifies change and renewal. You could be the type of person who follows numerous plans and professions over your life, being influential and often successful but moving onto new challenges rather than sticking rigidly to the same life plan.

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