Start-up Essentials: Software Tools for a Smooth Launch

Every economy looks to expand. The expansion is based on strong building blocks that are sustainable and add to the GDP. This is not an economic post so let’s change the direction and get back to business. What gets the best economic and financial growth? This question can have two backgrounds, personal and on a larger scale. There’s one answer to both, start-up or business.

Talking of economy and start-ups raises a question? What size of business are we talking about? The answer is simple. We are talking about small size businesses. What is a small business? That is a question that has been asked time and again but there is no definitive answer. The reason is simple, it varies from industry to industry and there are other variables that define the size of a business.


A start-up brings a ray of hope and a chance to achieve financial goals that were otherwise hard to achieve with a job. It begins with a fairy-tale blueprint but the facts tell a story of their own. The National Association of Small Business reports a whopping 9 percent of businesses close each year. That is almost 1 in every 10 business. The fairy-tale blueprint is not how the real world works and it is time that we realize this and seek help. The sort of help that brings down the closure rates.


The Help

What is it that can increase the chances of success of a business? You would say a productive team. Your answer is correct but what is it that makes them efficient? There can be numerous answers to this question. For example qualification, talent, etc. These are all correct but there’s more than that can help you achieve success. Something that makes the system a little more efficient. Something that we have been using since the invention of the wheel. Tools!

The time for long stories, primitive tools, and laying around is over. It is now action time and you need to be on your toes gathering anything and everything that makes the start-up smoother or increase your chances for success. What tools? In this age of computers and technology, there’s only a handful of things that can be mentioned here. The ones we are focused on right now are software or apps.

These software tools help you communicate effectively while incurring little to no costs. They also play a part in informal record keeping and keeping a track of tasks, assignments, and targets. They help you stay on top and aware of what’s happening and what you may need to do next.


The costs involved

Every business aims to make profits. The more, the merrier. Everything else revolves around this principle. The simplest way to maximize profits is a two-step approach. The first step involves minimizing costs and the second one comprises of maximizing revenues. In simple words, you bring down the costs and ensure that the income increases. Result? More money goes in your pocket.

The idea of using software tools seems appealing but you may be thinking about what cost? The question is valid and requires attention. The answer is simple. While most software tools cost a lot of money others are free. They are equally productive and offer lots for features. They also come with paid versions which offer even more services that can be subscribed when the profits start to grow.


Software Tools

Here’s a list of software tools that we’ve identified to help your start-up take a smooth flight. This list includes tools that can be used in both pre-launch and post-launch phases.


Beta List

markets startups

What is better than getting a name and popularity before the launch? Getting feedback from potential clients. Now, combine the two. You have feedback and opinions to make changes before the launch. Your product is now better and people know about it before you actually hit the market. This is an ideal situation. Beta List gives you exactly that. If you are a start-up, you get this opportunity for free. You have to pay a small fee if you want to continue with them after the launch.




Streamlining operations is essential for momentum and smooth running of the business. No matter what the task is and regardless of who is looking after it a systematic flow is a key. Human resource planning, hiring, and other functions require a lot of detail and attention. Shortlisting candidates, setting interview appointments, to finally completing recruitment. They are all different tasks that are closely connected. You can be looking after this yourself or have a team manage it for you. Either way, Recruiter flow makes human resource operations simple, effective, and easy to monitor.





You may have not known that this application could be helpful in the corporate world. It is more than just a casual app. It is an effective means of communication. All you have to do is make an account and start adding people up. Once done you are good to go. Skype unshackles you from meeting in person or making paid calls. You can send a message to make voice calls, video calls and much more. Yes, there’s a paid version as well. Why would you want that? What’s the catch? It’s simple, you need a good performing internet connection like provides. As long as you have high-speed connectivity, you’re communications and calls are covered. You can do all that and even make conference calls anywhere, anytime, that too for free.




When it comes to sales, awareness of the product is the first step. Create awareness, keep consumers or potential consumers engaged and you may actually have them as a client one day. Gone are the days when brochures and handouts were the main means of awareness. Paper has now taken a seat in the background and email marketing has replaced it. MailChimp and other such tools help you spread awareness through email marketing. You can have it at no cost with basic features or you can have a paid version that starts as low as $10.




You can be a start-up or you could be an established business. Either way, you want to expand your clientele. Chances are you are a small business and tight on a marketing budget. You will not be able to pay for TV ad campaigns or big billboards. The world has turned digital and the marketing trends to have taken a turn for the digital. Hootsuite allows you to run and monitor digital marketing campaigns on over 35 social media platforms.



Running a business is not an easy task and if you are starting afresh, the task is even more daunting. The pressures are to make more money and spend as little as possible. The trouble is to minimize the cost without disrupting the operations. There is a diverging opinion in regards to accomplishing this bit everyone agrees with the use of software tools. They can help you in a lot of departments that include, human resources, digital marketing, communication, and others. The aim is to get them for free or at least limit the cost until the profits are high enough to pay for them.

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