4 Things that Adults (and everyone) Need to Understand about Drug Addiction

A drug is a chemical that can change the way our bodies work. You probably already know that drugs are bad for your physical and emotional health. But what does that mean? And why exactly are they bad? Here are a few things that children and adults need to know about drugs.

Adults Drug Addiction


1. What are the legal medicines?

When you fall sick, you often have to take medication that is prescribed by the doctor. These medicines are also considered to be drugs. But they are legal drugs, meaning that the doctor is allowed to prescribe these medications to cure your illness. This also means that stores are allowed to sell them, and you are allowed to buy them.

However, it is important to remember that even legal drugs should be used safely. They cannot be consumed without a doctor’s prescription and a person who sells these drugs without prescriptions is doing so illegally. Legal medication can be used in harmful ways.


2. The most common types of drugs

The most common types of drugs being used for over centuries are cigarettes and alcohol. They have led to numerous deaths around the world for many years. In the United States, it is only legal for an adult above the age of 18 to buy cigarettes.

To buy alcohol, a person should be 21 years or older. It is important to note that smoking or drinking are addictive habits. An addictive habit is something that you keep repeating. How alcohol affects the brain and behavior? This is often a harmful habit and can destroy your body and mind in indescribable ways.

Another common drug that we see being used today is Marijuana. However, Marijuana can be prescribed legally to treat certain medical conditions. Using it extensively for other purposes will cause harm and make you addicted to the drug.

Some states have passed laws that govern the sale and use of medical marijuana so that it can be used for good intentions more safely.


3. Illegal Drugs

An illegal drug is something that cannot be manufactured, sold or bought legally. These are the drugs that cause the “drug problems” in your city that you may have already heard about.

The most common types of illegal drugs are LSD, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and ecstasy. But there are many more harmful drugs out there. Note that using a legal drug is a harmful way that makes it use illegal.


4. Why illegal drugs are dangerous

Illegal drugs aren’t allowed to be used simply because they are harmful. People who care about each other will suffer when their loved ones start habituating drug use.

They often become isolated and don’t want to be around their friends or family. They will remain friends with those who help them stick to the habit by partaking in it with them.

Illegal drugs can harm the mind to a great degree and cause different mental illnesses that will progress and worsen with time as we age.


Find a way to recovery

So I hope you guys got a clear idea about the 3 things that Kids (and everyone) need to know about Drug Addiction. If you or your loved one is struggling with drug addiction kindly visit the addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles to recover and stay sober from substance abuse.

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